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Entertainment has been a widespread ingredient of our lives since an extensive time now. We all require gear to continuously interact with in order to avoid being jaded. With various different types of entertainment facilities now being introduced in the market, one now has a variety of options to choose from. 

This, however, was not the case in the older days as one could have only watched serials, news or movies on the good ol’ television. In fact, one even had to wait for several hours in order to watch the favorite show on tv due to the lack of different channels.

Times have changed, with the introduction of OTT; one now has the ability to watch any show at any time at any place. Standing for Over-the-Top-Platform, OTT platforms come along various different genres of series, movies or documentaries to choose from. A crime thriller to romantic comedy, one can find it all here in just a few clicks.

In the older days, media was only broadcasted through the use of satellites or cable, however, now media is being broadcast using the Internet. Although the OTT stage has its own group, all the members of this crew congregate and fabricate movies and web series by funding their thoughts to create inventive content for streaming on their application.

The COVID-19 Pandemic locked us in our houses for months, with nothing to do, people starting looking for ways to spend time. OTT Platforms took this opportunity for their as well as the society’s benefits. With only a stable internet connection, one now has the ability to access tv shows from all over the world in just a few clicks, nevertheless, keep in mind that some of these OTT Platforms do need a subscription. 

If you’re one of those who are looking forward to purchasing an OTT Subscription but do not know which platform to go ahead with.

Here are a few common names of some of the Best OTT Platforms available to use in the virtual world:

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney, being a common household name, and a favorite amongst children has introduced its own Over-the-top streaming service in the virtual world. Becoming an instant hit in the market, owned by Novi Digitals, a subsidiary of Disney; it is now one of the most used OTT Platforms in India. 

Coming along with two different paid subscription plans, the normal plan mainly focuses on sports-related content and domestic programs (serials). Considering the Premium plan will open the doors to international films and Television series including the likes of HBO & Showtime. 

With affordable prices through the Disney Hotstar Android Coupon and a wide range of entertaining content, one can choose from a variety of different plans for a year with various unique benefits coming along with every single one of them. The most commonly considered ones being,  

  • Mobile Plan for Rs 499
  • Super Plan for Rs 899
  • Premium Plan for Rs 1,499

2. Netflix

An OTT List without Netflix is not an OTT List. A popular streaming platform across the globe, Netflix has made its name through the wide variety of great shows that they bring alone. 

The Platform was launched in the year of 2016, however, the Platform only made into India in the late months of 2018. Ever since then, the demand and popularity of Netflix has only been growing amongst the public. With 8 million subscribers, Netflix has also made its name in the Indian industry through many blockbuster shows, a common one being Sacred Games starring Saif Ali Khan and the widely renowned Nawazuddin Siddiqui. 

Coming on to the range of plans, Netflix in India has been introduced with 3 common types of subscription plans to purchase through Coupons Online, them being, 

The Basic Plan of Rs 199 a month which allows you to watch quality movies and series on a single device. 

The Standard Plan, available at Rs 499, gives you the chance to use the platform on 2 different devices at the same time. 

The Netflix Premium plan which gives one the ability to stream on four different devices at once through a payment of Rs 649 per month. 

3. Amazon Prime

No, this is not the platform where you order products, in fact, it is one of the most popular movies or series streaming services in India, thanks to its wide range of documentaries and own shows produced through collaboration & Coupons Online.

Ever since its launch in the year of 2016, Amazon Prime has been able to retain its position in the top 10 OTT Platforms in India. Available in 6 different languages besides english, Amazon prime allows people from all around the country to enjoy the entertaining content available on the platform. 

Amazon prime, like any other streaming service, comes along a variety of different subscriptions plans to choose from. One can easily learn about them through a simple Google search.

Entertainment OTT platform

4. Zee5

Similar to the likes of any other OTT Platform, Zee5 is an Indian subscription OTT streaming service, mainly operated by Zee Entertainment. 

This newest addition of Zee5 consists of all of Zee’s already existing streaming platforms. Through a Zee5 offer, one gets the ability to enjoy the wide variety of Indian as well as International TV Shows & Movies in 12 unique regional languages of India. A separate video segment was created for the music videos with a number of ad-based and DittoTV (subscription-based) content.

5. Voot

Voot is an OTT Streaming platform which brings along a wide range of entertaining content, including movies, TV shows and music. 

With the Application being available on both Android & IOS Devices, one can easily spend time watching their favorite tv show without having to download it. With a Voot subscription, you can get tons of TV shows, originals, popular blockbuster movies, and much more on offer as per your choice. At an affordable price, one can gain access to upwards of 40000 hours of Entertaining content through Voot Coupon & Offer.

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