Best Luggage Brands For Every Type of Traveler in 2024

“Pack your bags we’re going on a trip” is like music to anyone’s ears. Ever since the pandemic hit, everyone was forced to stay inside their homes and travel restrictions hit a peak. However, recently people are starting to feel comfortable stepping out of their homes. Although, it may seem that your old luggage might be dusted up due to no travel for two years. Now, if you think it is time to upgrade your luggage, we’ve got you covered. It can be a tedious task to choose your perfect luggage from a plethora of options available from companies like American Tourister and Safari, based on the type, design, warranty, space, etc. Make sure to choose luggage that not only fits your needs perfectly but also the airline requirements. 

What to consider before choosing your luggage brand?  

In order to narrow down the best luggage brand for your needs, you must determine your budget – and since luggage isn’t something you’ll use every day, you shouldn’t overspend. The important thing to remember is that luggage is a long-term investment and should not be replaced frequently. It is, therefore, worthwhile to spend a little bit extra on reliability and durability over the long run. Once you have an idea of the price range you’re working with, consider the type of traveler that you are. If you’re going to a theme park or resort, you won’t need luggage that can really take a beating, and you won’t need a fancy, high-end rolling suitcase. It’s important to note that even if a luggage brand offers a wide range of products, they’re usually tailored to a specific type of traveler. Your luggage should reflect how you view vacations, whether they are opportunities for exploration or relaxation. If you’re embarking on business trips, bringing the family for a week of thrill rides and resort amenities, or exploring new sights, you’ll need reliable luggage that safeguards your belongings. 

Listed below are some of the best luggage brands for every type of traveler, so that you can find the suitcase that’s right for you. 

1. American Tourister

american tourister offers

This brand is suitable for people who travel very frequently. In its initial years, the company was seen experimenting with new materials which in later years have placed them as a renowned luggage brand. American Tourister was the first company to flight test their bags with flight attendants of major airlines. Over the years they have gained momentum and they offer good value and lots of variety. Whether you prefer bright colors and fun prints or a Disney collection, there are plenty of options available.

2. Safari

Safari Bags Offers

They give a lot of coupons and offers to their customers along with premium quality luggage. They offer free shipping, a unique catalog of luggage to choose from, and easy payment options. You can browse through their website and choose from different categories like “Shop by shade”, “Combos”, “Luggage by size”, etc. As the name suggests, the brand is all about travel. They provide the customers with rough and tough, pocket-friendly luggage. 

3. Wildcraft

Wildcraft Offers

It is one of the most prominent travel bag companies. They offer customers a wide range of travel and luxury bags. You can browse their website, put on filters, and look for the bag that best suits your needs. They have numerous offers and coupons you can avail yourself of from their website or you can look for your nearest Wildcraft store. They manufacture a fantastic collection of long travel bags that are of premium quality. A wildcraft bag starts at a very affordable price.

4. Skybags

Skybags Offer

Designed for travelers who like to make a statement wherever they go, Skybags are a fashion statement in their own right. As well as offering world-class functionality, the brand is committed to helping you Move in Style with vibrant and unique designs that lend an edge to your travel personality. They take pride in designing and engineering products that are as stylish and durable as they are stylish, thanks to over four decades of design and engineering innovation. Aside from being the first Indian brand to manufacture printed polycarbonate luggage, Skybags also manufactures quality trolleys, rucksacks, backpacks, duffels, laptop bags, everyday travel accessories, and short-haul essentials. You can browse their wide variety of luggage and bags on their website or look for your nearest Skybags store. 

5. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Offer

Apart from being a renowned brand in the clothing sector, Tommy Hilfiger is also a premium manufacturer of luggage and bags. From wallets to travel bags, you can get a wide range of products available to you. High-quality and premium designs are what Tommy Hilfiger strives for. With all types of price ranges and a lifetime warranty, these bags are definitely a must if you wish to make a long-term investment.

6. FGear

FGear Offer

F Gear is committed to designing, inventing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing innovative, high-quality products that integrate style, functionality, and design technology to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of people in every hemisphere. Every design they create is oriented toward ensuring you have a smooth travel experience. Their backpacks and travel bags are designed and manufactured in India.

7. Delsey

Delsey Offers

They take pride in manufacturing the most spacious and lightweight luggage made for every occasion. They have a user-friendly website wherein you can add the filters like type, size, color, number of wheels, material, warranty, height, etc. DELSEY was the first company to offer tough luggage with a hard shell, providing better protection for travelers’ belongings. In 1972, they had a brainwave by adding wheels to hard shell suitcases! This was a major innovation that changed the way people use luggage. With DELSEY’s signature luggage, you can travel more freely and easily.

Keeping this list in mind and knowing what kind, type, or material of luggage you wish to buy, the tedious task of choosing the same might become somewhat easy. Purchasing a piece of luggage is a long-term investment so it is better to go for good quality and premium designs. 

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