Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, people were forced to stay inside their homes and were advised to step out only if necessary. This led to the rise in the use of telemedicine. In today’s constantly changing and evolving world, what people strive for is comfort and less time consumption. Online doctor consultation has come to be known as the best means for the same. Technological advancements have also supported this concept of telemedicine. In a chaotic world, getting a doctor’s appointment with just a few clicks is definitely a plus point as one won’t have to go through a whole procedure of going to find a nearby hospital or clinic. It is clear that with the help of technology, the healthcare sector has benefited a lot. Technology has paved the way for patients to access healthcare services easily and at the convenience of their homes. 

Talking about online doctor consultation, there are various start-ups, online platforms, or applications that help bridge the gap between doctors, patients, and medical services. These platforms have made communication between doctors and patients easier. You can get even the most minor injury checked easily by booking an appointment online. 

The sole aim of these applications is to provide the patients with their desired medical facilities, be it a doctor’s appointment or delivery of medicines, these apps have covered it all. These apps like Practo and Lybrate offer patients 24/7 assistance and a variety of features like lab tests, real-time reports, the introduction of new treatments, consultation via video call, etc. without having them visit a diagnostic center. Online doctor consultation is the best means to avoid stepping out of the house in case of a minor illness.

Let’s take a look at the best online doctor consultation apps in India. 

1. DocsApp

With 5000+ doctors and having treated over 5000000 Indians, DocsApp is one of the most useful and accessible online doctor consultation applications. The app is highly easy and efficient, you just have to install it on your device, ask your health-related query, and the doctor comes online in a matter of minutes, pay the fees, and get your diagnosis and prescription. You can get a consultation from an expert in every field from Psychiatry to Cardiology to Dermatology. You can buy medicines at a reasonable price and avail of offers, also, you can get discounts on health check-ups and lab tests. The team at DocsApp is determined to change the way healthcare is delivered. Listed below are features of DocsApp that make it all the more worthwhile:

  • Fast doctor response – Within 30 minutes
  • Doctors are available 24/7 for consultation
  • There are specialists available in every field
  • The consultation is private and your data is secured
  • DocsApp aims to maintain quality and trust among the patients and doctors
  • You can avail yourself offers and discounts on Lab and medicines

The services provided by DocsApp are highly professional, cost and time-efficient. You can get additional discounts through the use of DocsApp coupons as well. 

2. Practo

In just three simple steps you can get your desired healthcare service. Select your specialty or symptom, then audio/video call the doctor and get a digital prescription along with a free follow-up. You can consult the doctor for any issue be it a minor cold/cough or skin problems. There are doctors who specialize in over 25 categories. Practo’s mission is to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion Indians. Their goal is to empower their users with accurate, comprehensive, and curated information so they can make better healthcare decisions. You can get additional discounts through the use of Practo coupons as well. 

What does Practo offer?

  • Detailed, verified information about more than lakh doctor partners across the country in this comprehensive medical directory
  • With Practo Prime, you can book appointments online at over 9,000 hospitals and clinics
  • With over 20 specialties to choose from, you can consult with a trusted doctor online
  • Furthermore, subscription-based health plans offer unlimited online consultations with doctors 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • There is a fair usage policy in effect
  • Practo’s award-winning practice management software, Ray is used in over 10,000 clinics. 
  • insta, a full-stack HIMS solution trusted by more than 1,000 facilities and 500+ clients
  • Practo Associate Labs offers diagnostic tests that can be collected from one’s home in the comfort and safety of one’s own home
  • Across the country, verified pharmacies deliver medicines

3. Apollo Pharmacy

You can download the Apollo Pharmacy application to get a consultation within 15 minutes or less. With 6000+ specialists varying in different fields, you can get treated in the comfort of your home. The consultation is done via, video conference, telephone, or online chats. You can order a diagnostic test at your home and can get your medicines delivered within 2 hours. 

Why Apollo Pharmacy

  • Availability of doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • A wide range of specialties
  • Digital prescriptions with detailed information
  • Online ordering of medicines and tests
  • A digitized health record
  • You can avail of more discounts and offers through Apollo Pharmacy

The main vision of Apollo is to remove the barriers to mobility and to create a platform that provides you with all your healthcare solutions. 

4. Lybrate

Through just a touch of your finger, you can get access to over 150,000 highly trained medical experts. With the assurance that the medical professional you are seeing is highly trained and experienced, you can save up to 70% of the time and money you would otherwise spend at the doctor. To ensure your satisfaction, they use a stringent verification process. To access free consultations, easy appointments, and free questions, join the Lybrate Online Doctor network today. The Lybrate website is highly interactive and innovative, when you visit their website you can ask questions regarding health conditions and can get free answers from the specialists. Additionally, there are uploaded videos of trained specialists talking about various health conditions for your understanding. You can further get additional discounts and offers through Lybrate coupons.

5. MFine

MFine provides its users with various online services like booking surgery, ordering medicines, starting self-checks, and book x-rays and scans. You can visit their website or download the website to get familiar with the plethora of services they provide. You can avail of additional discounts and offers with MFine coupons. Mfine has redefined the primary healthcare sector since it was founded. With a passion for providing quality care, an unwavering focus on quality, and ground-breaking artificial intelligence, mfine’s mission has always been to make good health accessible, reliable, and hassle-free for everyone. Through mfine, users can instantly consult doctors online and get health checks at home.

6. Tata 1mg

With, you can access an online platform for all your health needs. The company strives to make healthcare as easy as possible for you. You can get allopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic medicines, vitamins, nutrition supplements, and other health-related products delivered to your home. You can avail of lab tests in the comfort of your home. Doctor consult? Yes, They’ve got that covered too.

They direct the users towards the pathway to the right medical care. You can avail of additional discounts with Tata 1mg coupons. 

In today’s fast pacing world, people strive for time and cost efficiency. These online consultation platforms ease up the lives of people and provide them with high-quality medical care. These applications along with providing expert consultation offer various discounts and coupons that make it cost-efficient and can be accessed with just one click.

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