Tips to Save Money On Beauty Products Online In India

For many women and even men, strolling through a beauty department store can be equivalent to a therapy session. However, this was put on pause due to the covid-19 pandemic. People were forced to stay inside their homes and step out only if necessary. Although, the shopping and browsing never stopped. The pandemic gave a nudge to the digital era. Since physical shopping was put on a hold, people started to lean more toward digital means. In today’s digital age and time, it has become easy to shop in the comfort of their home. A combination of rave reviews, heavy discounts, and cute packaging can lead us to spend all our money on products we may never or rarely use. Nonetheless, it is imperative to keep a check on your budget as these beauty products can be expensive. There are numerous ways through which you can save money while buying beauty products online in India.

Tips to follow while buying beauty products online

1. Lookout for the sale season

Every year during the festive and holiday season, various eCommerce platforms or beauty product companies, provide discounts and offers on their products. Taking advantage of the brand’s or retailer’s offers on your favorite beauty product will ensure you have access to your favorite product when it finishes. It is common for brands to offer great discounts during Amazon Great Indian Festival and Flipkart Big Billion Days. You can find a lot of offers during the sale season, as the companies come up with a lot of unique offers that are worth grabbing. 

2. Research

Before making any decisions, it is necessary to do thorough research and browse your options. Some of the questions you should consider answering are what kind of products are you looking for, and what will suit your skin. Before investing money into something you’ve been meaning to buy, watching some informative videos or reading reviews will help you gain some knowledge about it. When it comes to skincare, stay away from marketing gimmicks and take recommendations from sources you trust. Always read the ingredients of the products and read reviews, as no one can tell you better about the product than someone who has used it. Research is a must before buying any beauty product. 

3. Opt for subscriptions

You can save money on beauty products by signing up for a subscription plan if you regularly use products like face washes, serums, and highlight sticks. A number of brands offer subscriptions that allow you to automatically renew beauty products at a reduced price. Subscription services provide cosmetic refills on a regular schedule from many companies. To save money on beauty products, you can also adjust your plan to suit your needs and get your favorite products for 10-20% less than the regular retail price. Opting for a subscription can save you a lot of money if you are a regular user of beauty products. However, before buying a subscription, make sure to compare prices and be certain about the quality of the products. 

4. Use Coupons

Make use of coupons and discount codes while shopping online so that you can save money on your favorite products. On top of that, you can also get some offers when you pay online. You can find cosmetic brands online on a number of sites. There are websites that sell products at higher prices than other websites, but you can find them at lower prices on other websites. If you wish to obtain price details, you should always visit at least two or three websites. Whenever possible, purchase products on sale, but do not buy them if you already have them. It is possible to buy quality products online at an affordable price on a number of online shopping sites. There are discount codes and deals that you can use to get discounts. Is there anything else you need? Make your shopping more affordable with coupons. It is very much recommended that you visit the site of CouponBunnie as they not only provide you with a list of coupon codes, both active and inactive but also help you in saving a lot of time and money. We have curated a few tips that you can take into consideration before making a buying decision. 

5. Clear Cookies to Avoid Markups

Travel hackers know that clearing your browser’s cookies can help you avoid airline markups, and the same holds true when shopping for makeup online. The process of deleting cookies not only prevents companies from tracking you and marking up items you’ve clicked on previously, but it also eliminates the low-stock marketing ploy that creates a sense of urgency—you know, that “only one left in stock” liner that suddenly makes you want the item more.

6. Take Advantage of Recycling Programs

It’s becoming increasingly important to consider sustainability when it comes to beauty purchases. As 81 percent of women agree that it is important that their beauty products are both clean and sustainable, consumers are becoming more conscious about what they’re buying. It is also important to take advantage of the recycling programs offered by many brands. MAC, for example, offers a Back-to-MAC program that allows you to exchange six empty products for free lipstick. In a similar way, Kiehl’s offers a “recycle and be rewarded” program, where you can earn stamps for recycling empty containers, and 10 stamps earn you free travel-size products.

It’s like winning the lottery for makeup enthusiasts when they find a good deal on makeup. Just a few rupees saved on that highlighter palette you’ve been eyeing can make you feel successful. Over 60 percent of women say they buy beauty products at least once a month, and around 30 percent say they purchase more than once a month. It may be because makeup has a powerful effect on mental health, self-confidence, and overall well-being. There is also a possibility that self-care is more important today than ever before. One thing’s for sure: Online makeup shopping continues to grow, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. In order to make things more efficient and easier on our wallets, we must seek options that are more cost-effective and also more efficient. 

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