Best Home Decoration Ideas For Diwali 2022

Home decoration is the essence that makes Diwali feel like Diwali in India. The festival of love and light always brings an immense amount of joy to the hearts of people. They celebrate the festival by lighting diyas and burning firecrackers. Diwali is more than just dressing up in new clothes. It is about good taking over evil and all things nice. It gives the people a chance to fulfill their wish to doll up their houses and light up as many diya’s as they like.  Diwali is always incomplete without diyas, lights, and lots of gifts. Diwali is indeed that grand festival that calls for sprucing up the interior, and for that, you must follow trend-setting Diwali decoration ideas.

With the festive season just around the corner, people start preparing for it beforehand. From buying sweets to decorations for their house, the preparations begin at full speed. Online eCommerce stores like Amazon and Flipkart offer you a truckload of home decoration ideas so that your Diwali can become even more auspicious. Let’s dive into Diwali’s best home decoration ideas that will add magic to your home. 

Best home decoration ideas for Diwali to spruce up your home

1. Aesthetic Candle Holders

Candle Holder Offer

Lighting up Diyas and candles is the most common ritual of Diwali. During the Puja as well, we light candles. So why not make use of the immense variety of candle holders? To make your house look even more beautiful, you can go to eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Myntra where you will find a wide range of beautiful candle holders. You can buy a set or individual holders as per your usage. Myntra offers candle holders in Metal, glass, and a lot more variety. The site offers you a pleasingly good variety of candle holders that will definitely act as a plus point in your Diwali home decoration. With prices ranging from Rs. 195 to Rs. 1185, Myntra has a wide variety. 

2. Lights

Lights Offer for diwali

Diwali is known as the festival of lights. Your home is incomplete without bombarding it with lots of light decorations. Amazon offers you a wide variety of lighting decorations. From LED Strip Lights to Seasonal Indoor String Lights to Night Lights you can choose from a pool of light decorations. There is nothing more festive than light during Diwali. LED lights can also be used to brighten up your surroundings besides diya. These lights are available in different shapes such as star, flower, or plain LED bulbs.  You can hang these lights in your home and celebrate the joyous festival of lights. These lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decoration. You can use these hanging lights on the rooftop, on your balcony, or any place you see fit. The prices are very affordable and within range along with good quality. 

3. Wall hangings

Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can also be seen as a beautiful way of decorating your house during Diwali. On Amazon, you can buy lotus-shaped wall hangings, It is a hanging jhumka carved with a rose on top. You can hang them as the background for pujas or anywhere else you want to attract attention. An extraordinary touch to any ceremony or festival can be added. You can buy this hanging on Amazon for prices ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 depending upon the color and the seller. You can browse the eCommerce platform for other wall-hanging decorations as well. 

4. Flower decorations

Flower decorations

Flowers add a different kind of beauty to any occasion, be it a wedding or a festival. Flipkart offers a wide variety of flower decorations for Diwali. For centuries, flowers have symbolized happiness, freshness, and auspiciousness. Flowers are essential to any festival. The most common decorative ideas for Diwali are marigold flowers, mango leaves, and bel leaves. A beautiful design can be created by making garlands and spreading them. The flowers can be broken into petals and used to make rangoli patterns or arranged around diyas.

You can even shop for artificial flower decor functional if real flowers aren’t available. They can be placed anywhere to create a festive atmosphere. In between such flower decor, t-lights can be used to add a touch of light. The yellow and orange colors of the marigold bring festive joy to people’s minds. For the best Diwali decorating ideas, flower arrangements are a good choice if you want to get a feeling of bliss and joy into your home.

5. Rangoli


Rangoli is a must on Diwali. It radiates positivity and acts as a sign of a warm welcome. The colors spread happiness and create a joyous atmosphere. You can either create a handmade rangoli or use stencils available on Flipkart. For handmade rangoli, you can choose from a wide range of colors available on Flipkart and Amazon. You can also get a rangoli-making kit, stencils, or even an acrylic handicraft rangoli in various designs. You can surely make this Diwali more auspicious by decorating the surroundings artistically. Using the rangoli powder color bottles, you can create the traditional rangoli with precision. There are many attractive materials used in artificial rangoli designs, including Kundan, diamonds, and others. Rangolis are made of a set of pieces that can be arranged in various ways. In this way, you will be able to make the shapes you desire every time. You can place them wherever you want in the house, or near the door. You can use it as an instant way to please the eyes of your guests as they arrive at your house.

Diwali is an auspicious and one of the most important and well-celebrated festivals in Indian culture. It is a norm to decorate your house, this Diwali you can save this blog and get a hold of beautiful decoration items at a reasonable price. 

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