Best Mattress Brands in India 2022

Choosing your mattress is a difficult yet crucial task, with so many available options it can get overwhelming at times. While picking out the perfect mattress you have to take a few things into consideration, like your health conditions if you have neck or back pain the right or wrong mattress can make all the difference. From the material of the mattress to your cost to the health viewpoint, everything should be kept in mind before making a purchase. 

What are a few tips to consider before choosing your mattress brand?

  • Gain knowledge about the material of the mattress
  • Check-in with your healthcare provider
  • Check warranty
  • Look for return policies and trial period
  • Take customer reviews into consideration
  •  Don’t always go for the highest price as it is not necessary that high price equals high quality
  • Size matters, choose the most appropriate size as the perfect size will not only enhance the look of your bedroom but also, will provide better comfort and sleep. 
  • Try before you buy

There are numerous brands available in the market to offer you a wide variety of mattresses.

Let’s take a look at the best mattress brands in India which provide you with the mattress as per your needs. 

1. Sleepwell

Sleepwell Mattress Offer

Sleepwell is one of the most prominent and famous brands of mattresses. Their mattresses are known to cater to the unique needs of the customers. From cozy and snug to back support, Sleepwell offers a wide range of mattresses. You can browse their website and find a column “Ask our sleep experts”, wherein you can get all kinds of questions answered. They provide you with mattresses according to your comforts, like Basic, Spa, Ortho, Hotel, and Celebrity comfort. Apart from this, they have taken an innovative approach to their products, for instance, their product, Sleepwell Neem Fresche is equipped with antimicrobial technology to prevent dust mites, allergies, and breathing problems. You can visit their website for more information or visit your nearest Sleepwell store. 

2. Wakefit

Wakefit Offer

This mattress brand is known for its affordable prices and is sold easily through eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Bengaluru-based Wakefit offers a variety of sleep-efficient products to raise sleep awareness among Indians and assist them in taking steps to improve their sleep health. A variety of sizes are available from this brand, which produces high-quality memory foam mattresses. The mattresses are backed up with 10 years of warranty, are hypoallergenic, and are resistant to bed bugs. Use Wakefit coupons and get up to 55% off while paying with UPI visit their website to browse through the pool of mattresses they have to offer.  

3. SleepyCat

Sleepycat Offers

One of India’s most well-known mattress brands, sleepycat and offers to their customers. They have a user-friendly website wherein you just have to mention your issue or the type of mattress you are looking for and they will find the right product for you. They give a 100-night free trial and are currently serving across 30,000+ pin codes with door-to-door delivery. Use Sleepycat coupons and offers to avail discounts while buying mattresses.

4. Duroflex

Duroflex Offers

A renowned sleep mattress brand with an aim to improve people’s sleep. The anti-microbial fabric of the mattress is enough to keep you protected from bacteria and fungi. They provide their users with a luxurious feel and cradled support with premium build quality.  They provide various cashback and coupon offers when you make a purchase through their website. It has been in the market for 5 decades and through its, hard work, dedication, and innovation they have transformed the way India sleeps. You can visit their website to browse and purchase a wide range of mattresses or you can visit your nearest Duroflex store. You can also use Duroflex coupons to get flat 15% off on all bed sheets – Introducing antibacterial linen

5. Kurlon

Kurlon Offers

They have created a name for themselves in the market as the provider of the best Coir mattresses. If you are looking to purchase a coir mattress then Kurlon is the solution. With outstanding quality and affordable prices, Kurlon is a well-known brand in the market. On their website, they have a separate section for offers that you can avail of if you wish to buy their mattresses. You can browse from the categories mentioned on their website like Active, Trendy, and Komfort. 

6. Flo Mattress

Flo Offers

Known as one of India’s best mattress brands, Flo offers its customers a wide range of products to choose from. They provide 100 night risk-free trial along with 10 years of warranty. They have designed their mattresses by keeping your needs in mind. You can choose between two amazing variants – Ergo: for those who prefer softer ergonomic support. The most preferred variant is this one, while Ortho is the most preferred variant for those who prefer hard orthopedic support. The product is more suitable for those who need extra back support or are over 60 years of age.

7. Livepure Mattress

Livpure Mattress Offers

A mattress collection developed by scientists and powered by innovation. Their mattresses are designed to deliver comfort, with a variety of options to suit your needs. Natural Latex, Orthopaedic, Memory Foam, and more. Livepure mattresses are your one-stop online mattress haven with an added bonus of free doorstep delivery. They have a wide range of products to choose from, ranging from reversible to mattresses supporting neutralizing technology. You can visit their website and browse through your options. 

8. Sunday Mattress

Sunday Mattress Offer

As compared to other brands, this one stands proud of being the most affordable and provides the perfect balance of softness and support. These mattresses are known best to relieve back and neck pain. With its three-zone design, Sunday offers the perfect combination of comfort and therapeutic support. It feels like your body is resting more naturally. You can visit their website and browse through the products and offers they provide. 

Choosing from such a wide variety can seem tiresome and even time-consuming. It is best to research thoroughly before making a purchase. The most important thing to keep in mind is to know the type of mattress you wish to have. Make sure to try and test your mattress before making a commitment. As it is highly necessary to choose the perfect mattress not only to get a good night’s sleep but also for your overall health.

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