Top 5 Boat Earphones Under Rs 1000

Music gives us an escape from reality. Everyone likes to listen to music these days. Many brands offer top-quality earphones and headphones. These earphones can be very costly and you might not want to buy them after knowing their prices. Wondering where you can get super affordable earphones to listen to music? We have got you covered with top boat earphones that range below Rs 1000. They belong to a popular brand that is Boat. Boat products are extremely famous worldwide and are pretty affordable. You can buy these products from local stores as well as through online shopping websites. You can also get a brief of these products at its official website.

Here are top 5 boat earphones that range under Rs 1000:


With the boat Bassheads 242, prepare to reinvent fitness style and utility. It has silicon-made ear hooks that are designed to promote convenience and a firm fit so you can get the most out of your exercises. The Bassheads 242 emphasizes all-around ability with 10mm speakers that generate high-quality sound and is covered with IPX 4 sweat and water resistance. The excellent coated cable, which comfortably extends from your pocket to your ears, allows you to move around without restriction.

When you’re surfing the waves on these boat bassheads 242 wired headphones, there’s no tension, only bliss, so connect to a variety of devices with ease using the 3.5mm straight jack. The pause/play button, which can also accept calls (with a built-in microphone) and change volume between exercise routines, lets you tune in and out. With the boAt Bassheads 242, you can lead your effort for fitness in style. It’s time to be active.  The HD powerful motivational sound on the boat bassheads 242 may even urge you to dance to your favorite soundtracks and have an enjoyable experience.

Since practically all devices with a 3.5mm port can use these earbuds, all you need to do is plug them in and start listening to your favorite music. Find a balanced audio sound system with 10 mm dynamic drivers that have a high-volume capacity. Push your flow to new heights while being supported by a powerful bass. Get the sound in and the sweat out with IPX 4 Water and Sweat Resistance, which will help you to improve your performance and kill those repetitions or a challenging run. Additionally, it includes a stylish design halfway down the wire to provide practicality combined with an attractive design that permits communication and playlist customization.


Access your favorite songs and become addicted to BassHeads 103’s clean, sassy sound. Choose the color that best fits your style and create the tone for your journey with the help of your favorite soundtracks. The design is carefully chosen with plenty of casual elegance. Utilize 3.5mm to quickly connect to any type of gadget. With the ideal length tangle-free cable and the magnetic earbuds, you can enjoy a secure fit, comfortable listening, and hassle-free use. With an in-line microphone and voice assistant capability, you can easily answer any call or request and pause/play music as needed. With boAt BassHeads 103, it’s time to become addicted to the music. With its 10mm drivers, the BassHeads 103 kinds of transport full audio enjoyment so you can groove gracefully and be surrounded by the real beats of music.

With the ultra-light, secure-fit design and the magnetic earbuds that keep them intact while not in use, get ready to conquer any area with your favorite songs by your side. With the help of its in-line mic, you can take calls and take total control of how the day unfolds while maintaining clear hands-free communication. With the multi-function button designed to pause/play music and engage your device’s smart speaker at your convenience, you can easily access your playback and instant voice assistant. The ideal length of the tangle-free cable allows you to easily stroll through your city.


The polished metal Boat Bassheads 225 earphones are made to provide you with a unique experience that no other product can match. It sounds crystal clear and has “super extra bass.” You can envision a hassle-free experience with its tangle-free thin cables. The wired earphones provide clear audio with that thundering bass because they have 10mm drivers. You won’t miss those crucial calls thanks to the built-in noise-canceling microphone. These earphones are the best option for anyone who can carry that approach because they come in colors that go with your day-to-day style. You can choose a color to represent your style.

With strong 10mm drivers for sound clarity, bass-driven audio, and good suppression of background noise, the innovative housing design offers easy tuning and excellent wearing convenience. The boAt BassHeads 225 is the best-wired earphone with Mic Black and weighs only 50 g, making it lightweight and readily available in different shades. These earbuds are made of polished metal, which guarantees their durability. With the passive active noise canceling feature, you may enjoy listening to music in a busy, noisy area while still being able to take calls on the go. To communicate clearly, utilize the built-in mic, which has high sensitivity and a wide frequency range for the best experience.


Boat BassHeads 100 stereo wired earbuds are made to provide an experience that is unmatched by any other product. The headphones provide you with clean sound and improved bass because they include 10mm drivers. With the built-in noise suppression mic, you won’t miss any crucial calls. The boat bassheads 100 earphones are the best option for anyone maintaining an elegant look because they come in vibrant colors that go with your style throughout the day. Simply connect them, then play some music. The efficient way to differentiate yourself from the crowd and add style is with Boat Bassheads 100 earphones. A clear style statement is the elegant BassHeads 100 premium coated wired headphones.

The earphone can offer a powerful, precise answer to the most demanding tunes thanks to its potent 10mm dynamic driver and speaker resistance of 16 ohms. Additionally, it has an HD microphone to make perfectly understandable calls, simplifying life when traveling. These headphones are also incredibly user-friendly, allowing you to play/pause music, answer/end calls with a single click, advance the track with two clicks, or go back with three clicks. It has the perfect length cable to give you a hassle-free experience. It also has a super extra bass giving and an in-line microphone with a single press voice assistant.


Use the boat bassheads 152 wired headphones to beautify the area while listening to your music. With 10mm drivers, enjoy audio tracks that help you move quickly and with a positive attitude while keeping up with the pace of your environment. Prepare to rock the house with that powerful bass. A smooth, bright design that enters the fashion game is offered in the colors active black, jazzy blue, and furious red. Boat Bassheads 152 are the ideal earbuds to always have on hand. They will always keep you one step ahead. Use the built-in microphone to answer calls, and the tangle-free braided wire to easily tune out. It was built with keeping your comfort in mind.

Break out from old habits with HD sound delivered by 10mm drivers; the basshead’s 152 will heighten your senses while providing a crystal-clear sound that will let you carry out your vision to the fullest. It’s time to begin kicking; groove your beat all day long to great bass-heavy music that numbs your stress and revives your search for the perfect feeling. The 3.5mm angled jack can be used to start your journey into convenience, and in due course, your boat will have arrived at its objective, the shores of music. For the best communication experience, use wired earbuds with a mic that has great sensitivity and a wide frequency range.

These are some of the best options for earphones that you can buy. They have the best features and colors for you to have an enjoyable experience. You can also gift these earphones to your friends as these earphones are pretty affordable. Your friends are going to love it if they are into music. So what are you waiting for? Buy these earphones and surprise your friends. You can also use our coupons to get more discounts on these products. Couponbunnie provides many deals and offers on Boat products so you can easily buy them at affordable prices. 

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