New Year Food Offers: Great Deals On Zomato, Swiggy, KFC & Domino 

Hello Foodies, we have got an exciting offer for you. The new year is right around the corner and we have some amazing deals for you that can help you get your favorite food at huge discounts. Who doesn’t want to have their favorite fast foods on Christmas and New Year? Invite your friends and cousins and order some delicious food to make these occasions special. Want to order your favorite food but worried about paying a lot of money? Couponbunnie is here to save you and help you get your favorite food at huge discounts. 

You can use our coupons to get great offers on your favorite food. There are many restaurants that offer you food at discounts if you use our coupons. You can order your favorite domino’s pizza as they offer a lot of great deals and discounts. Pizza is something that people cannot resist having. Good food keeps you in a good mood throughout the day. It’s not okay to have junk food every day but you should enjoy having your favorite fast food once in a while. Ordering food from these places can help you get new year offers on your food: 


Zomato is among the most thorough customer apps where individuals can look for nearby eateries and cafés, place online food orders, and have it quickly delivered to their door. As it offers food, reviews, and feedback, you can also find factual information about cafes on this website. Users can use that information to order products and enjoy mouthwatering food at home. Since 2008, Zomato has experienced fast growth and is now one of India’s most popular startups. Even a team of experienced owners and businessmen are intrigued to learn how it operates and makes enormous profits despite providing alluring discounts. You can order every type of food from Zomato.

Zomato’s primary task is to provide users with recommendations for nearby and local eateries and take orders from them. Based on feedback and ratings posted by previous customers, customers can order meals from their preferred eateries. Perhaps, for this reason, a growing number of startup founders are interested in creating a Zomato-like app. It provides people with comfort and assists entrepreneurs in expanding their small-town food industry. Zomato guarantees quick doorstep delivery, which delights food enthusiasts. 

Customers are no longer required to wait hours in restaurants. Zomato currently ranks among the top online food delivery services utilized in approximately 22 nations worldwide. On the other side, by adding themselves to the Zomato app, restaurant owners also raise their internet presence. Couponbunnie gives you many new year offers that can help you get food from Zomato at discounts. Use our Zomato Coupons to get great deals on your food from Zomato. 


At its core, Swiggy is a food delivery platform, and users can access its offerings via the website, Android, and iOS mobile devices. It collaborates with a diverse variety of cafes and offers simple access to a variety of culinary items from various cuisines. Additionally, it allows customers to give reviews and ratings that enable others to make informed restaurant and food selection decisions. The customer has the right to give ratings and review the food and delivery services as soon as the delivery is fulfilled.

The business uses this information to enhance its offerings. Swiggy initially began as a meal delivery service and has since seen massive growth. When the company made the decision, to start with, routine product delivery under Swiggy Stores in March 2019, it had already started operations in 100 cities. Additionally, Swiggy introduced Swiggy Go in September of that same year to make it easier for users to pick up and deliver food, paperwork, packages, and other products. In August 2020, Swiggy finally introduced its same-day delivery service for groceries under the title Instamart, where the business began establishing a system of dark stores. 

People between the ages of 18 and 35 who routinely use cell phones are the company’s target customers. Customers are where Swiggy gets the majority of its income. According to the entire purchase value, the company charges a small delivery cost that starts at Rs. 20 and keeps going up. Additionally, Swiggy increases its prices when demand is great or when there are exceptional weather conditions. You can use our coupons to get great offers on your food from Swiggy. Use Swiggy coupons and offers to get huge discounts.


After the Indian government adopted the economic liberalization policy in the 1990s, KFC was the first international chain of fast-food restaurants to set up shops in India. The Indian government gave KFC permission to open 30 locations across the nation at that time. In India, the first KFC branch was established in Bangalore in June 1995, and presently there are 296 branches nationwide. Fast food establishments have grown in popularity in India as a result of their unique menus that appeal to the locals’ appetites.

Many people believe that KFC simply offers fried chicken, although this is not correct at all. KFC includes Veg Zinger, Veg Rice Bowlz, and Veg Strips on its menu in India, among other vegetarian options. KFC’s menu has been expanded to include other chicken items like chicken fillet sandwiches and wraps, together with salads and sides like coleslaw and French fries, desserts, and soft drinks, the latter of which is often given by PepsiCo. KFC Smart Restaurants will adopt an appealing ordering kiosk with numerous digital payment choices and an accompanying QR code for the traditional ordering counter. This will allow for quick and simple mobile-based transactions.

Customers will also have the option to place an order right at their table by using the KFC Smart App on their phones to scan the QR code. Once their meal is ready, they can pick it up. There will be a host to direct and assist consumers through the ordering procedure to make the customer experience even easier. Couponbunnie has many coupons to help you get your food at amazing discounts. You can use KFC Coupons to get huge great deals and offers on your food from KFC. 


One of Italy’s best dishes is pizza. Delicious, reasonably priced, and simple to personalize. Pizza is incredibly popular and widely available. Pizza has been consumed for ages in various forms. For individuals who were on the road or couldn’t afford plates, pieces of flatbread topped with savory ingredients like cheese, onion, pepper, dates, and mutton were traditionally offered as an easy and delightful meal. In 1996, the business established the first Domino’s Pizza location in New Delhi, India.

Jubilant Foodworks Limited runs the Domino’s franchise in the Indian subcontinent. After the US, India has grown to be Domino’s second-largest market worldwide due to its tremendous success. The business has strategically and quickly developed a lot of stores, which has helped it serve more people. The extremely well-known “30 minutes or free” offer has been a big success and has gained a lot of client trust. Locally inspired pizzas like Peppy Cheese and Kebabs have been hugely popular.

Giving consumers the best service has not been compromised in any way. Domino’s has used technology that has allowed them to enhance managing the supply chain and customer service in addition to allowing users to place online food orders using their mobile devices. Domino’s consistently maintains a fantastic combination of Indian and western cuisines while adding captivating new things to its menu. Couponbunnie provides many coupons using which you can get your pizza at huge discounts. Use our coupons and get great offers on your Domino’s pizza. 

These are some of the best places where you can order your food. They offer amazing items for you to choose from. You have got plenty of options for mouth-watering foods. What are you waiting for? Grab these new year offers before they come to an end. Use our coupons and give your friends a special treat on the special occasions of Christmas and New Year. Surprise your parents with their favorite meal. Couponbunnie has many coupons to help you get amazing deals on your food from these places. These new year offers are only to make your and your friend’s New Year super special. Our coupons are all yours, use them and have delicious food delivered at your doorstep. So foodies, grab these deals now and enjoy your special meal with your special people! 

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