Best Food Delivery Apps In India 2024

With the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, more and more people opted for online food delivery instead of going to a restaurant. People find it more convenient and safe. In today’s technologically advanced and modern world, there is nothing a phone can’t do, from booking a cab to buying clothes to ordering food, a small device in your hand has all the answers. There are many apps like Zomato and Swiggy, that provide you with your favorite cuisine at your doorstep. In the 21st century, people strive for solutions that add ease to their busy schedules. Accordingly, the online food industry in India is expected to reach $8 billion by 2022 by growing at a CAGR of 25-30%. In the past couple of years, the food technology industry has grown over six times. According to the report, good discounts and convenience were the top reasons for people using Instant food delivery apps in the country. Pertaining to these statistics, many online food delivery applications have been introduced and are being widely used by consumers. Let’s take a look at the best food delivery apps in India. 

The best food delivery apps in India

1. Zomato


Zomato is one of the most renowned and at the top of our list for the best food delivery apps in India. You can find all types of cuisines, from Chinese to Italian to North Indian, Zomato provides you with everything. There are many restaurants associated with Zomato to help deliver your favorite food to your doorsteps. Founded in 2008, the company was called FoodieBay, however, in 2012 the name changed to Zomato. The main focus of the company operations is in India, additionally, it also functions in  UAE, UK, Singapore, and Lebanon as well. Zomato charges Restaurant owners between 18 and 25 percent as a commission for listing their restaurant. Further factors that impact the commission include the type of restaurant, the delivery cost, and so forth. Apart from food delivery, Zomato also delivers groceries. If you want any information regarding the restaurants like menu or user reviews you can find the same on Zomato. You can also avail of discounts using the Zomato coupons

2. Swiggy

Swiggy Coupons

Swiggy like Zomato, is one of the most renowned food delivery apps in India. Swiggy is amongst one of the most credible apps in India, that not only delivers your favorite cuisine to your home but also provides you with fresh groceries. You can also track your order through the app. The company also offers Swiggy Pop, a feature that allows users to order single-serve meals for as little as Rs. 50 with just a tap. One can use this feature to order food for only one person without worrying about wastage, and it eliminates the hassle of typing unnecessarily to meet the minimum billing requirement. In exchange for being part of Swiggy’s system, restaurant partners must pay 18 to 23 percent of their sales revenue. You can avail of discounts using the Swiggy coupons

3. Faasos

There are 34 largest cities in India where Faasos operates. Customers can order from the company’s website and mobile app. The company is the only vertically integrated food business in India and operates all three stages of the “food on demand” business, including ordering, distribution, and fulfillment. A great selection of restaurants is available on Faasos, so users can enjoy delicious food whenever they want. There is a premium version of Faasos that guarantees free food if the order isn’t delivered within 30 minutes. You can avail of discounts using the Faasos coupons

4. Dominos

Dominos is well known for its mouth-watering pizzas. Their special feature is customization, and they have a pizza for every occasion. The pizza from Domino’s has the best cheesy crust, and if you get to enjoy it in your dining area, it’s even better. The app offers 30-minute delivery, or you can get it for free. In addition, you can order pizza online from Domino’s and have it delivered by train from the nearest outlet. So you can enjoy a pizza on the train even though you’re bored. You can avail of discounts using Domino’s pizza coupons. 

5. Eat Fit

In recent times, the demand for green and healthy food has seen a splurge as people have gotten more conscious. This is what ignited the idea for Eat Fit. Foods such as snacks, dishes, and salads that are healthy and lean are usually on their menu. Eat. fit was founded in 2016 by, its parent company. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and offers affiliate programs for those interested in partnering. You can find a variety of healthy options at Eat Fit. You can avail of discounts using Eat Fit Coupons. 

6. Dunzo

Customers residing in major cities in India can order groceries, pet supplies, fruits and vegetables, medicines, and other essentials from Dunzo. With its headquarters in Bangalore, Dunzo was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly since then. Currently, it serves eight Indian cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, and Mumbai. Depending on the size and nature of an order, Dunzo’s commission rate ranges between 15 and 30 percent. You can find a wide variety of products at Dunzo and can get them delivered within a few minutes. You can avail of discounts using the Dunzo Coupons. 

7. McDonald

Mcdonald’s is one of the most famous and old food delivery apps that is famous mostly among children for their happy meals. Just a few taps are all it takes to order food for delivery with McDonald’s Food App! All you have to do is enter your address, pick your preferred cuisine, and choose the delivery time. You can avail of discounts using the McDonald Coupons. 

These are our top choices for the best food delivery apps in India. You can use these apps for ordering food, and groceries or even gathering information about your favorite restaurants. Because of the availability of the internet and hence connectivity, the online food market is experiencing an increase in users and demand. Apps for on-demand food delivery are assuring customers they are delivering high-quality food while maintaining hygiene standards to expand their user base. By 2025, IMARC Group predicts that the market value will reach USD 12.7 Billion, with a CAGR of 27.2%. 

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