How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping in India? 

Grocery shopping is something that you cannot resist even if you want to. You have to get groceries in a day or two, no matter if you have time or not. But what if you can get groceries right at your doorstep? Grocery shopping is made super easy and convenient with the delivery of groceries online. Thankfully, there are many shopping apps that deliver groceries to your doorstep. These shopping apps guarantee the delivery of fresh groceries within no time. What can be better than not going out to stores to buy groceries and getting them in your home’s comfort?

Online grocery shopping has made it very comfortable for us. However, not all shopping websites or apps are trustworthy. Numerous fraud websites on the internet are just there to betray you. It would help if you researched before choosing any website or app for online shopping. Many reliable shopping apps are there which deliver you good quality products at affordable prices. There are several coupons available on Couponbunnie for many dedicated shopping apps which can help you avail amazing deals and discounts. Use Spar Coupons to get great offers on groceries. 

Grocery shopping from these shopping apps can help you save a lot of money:


Amazon is an e-commerce app which is very popular in India. It delivers various products like footwear, jewellery, clothes, stationery and so on. Amazon also provides fresh groceries right to your doorstep. All of Amazon’s grocery products are of top quality. Amazon maximum takes a day or two to deliver your grocery products. There are numerous groceries available on Amazon, like Oils & Ghee, Flour, Nuts & Seeds, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables etc. So many popular grocery brands are linked with Amazon. For instance, Fortune, Aashirvaad, Nestle, Cadbury and many more.

Amazon’s consumer reviews for grocery shopping are excellent. You can get vegetarian or non-vegetarian groceries from Amazon, as per your food preference. Amazon accepts all modes of payment, including pay-on-delivery. There are many deals and discounts available on Amazon. Discounts of up to 80% can help you save a good amount. What are you thinking? Download the Amazon app and buy groceries at great deals. Amazon’s deal of the day offers great discounts. Couponbunnie has many offers and coupons which can help you save a good amount on groceries from Amazon. Use Amazon Coupons to avail yourself of great deals on your grocery products. 


Do you want your groceries at the lowest price and delivered in just 10 minutes? Blinkit is the grocery shopping app for you. It is the fastest delivery shopping app in India which only takes 9 to 10 minutes to deliver products to your doorstep. You can get all types of grocery products here, such as Dairy & Breakfast, Munchies, Cold Drinks & Juices, Instant & Frozen Food, Tea & Coffee, Health Drinks and many more. You can download Blinkit on both the softwares, iOs and Android. It delivers other products also, which you can check once you download the Blinkit app. 

Popular brands like Sunfeast, Parle, Sunsilk, Dove, Lipton etc., are associated with Blinkit. You can buy products from any of these popular brands. Blinkit offers easy returns on its products. If you are unsatisfied with the product after it has been delivered, you can return it to Blinkit, and you will get your refund within hours. You can also check your order status on the Blinkit app until it is delivered. There are many deals and offers available on grocery products on Blinkit. Their products are pretty much cheaper than other grocery stores. Many cashback offers are also provided by it. Use Blinkit Coupons to get huge discounts on your groceries from Blinkit.


Spar is an Indian grocery shopping website where you can get all sorts of groceries. There are numerous grocery products available on Spar, such as Fruits & Vegetables, Dairy products, Frozen Food & Batters, Meat, Poultry & Fish, Dry Fruits etc. Spar delivers your products super fast. You can get groceries on the same day you ordered them. Spar is a reliable grocery shopping website; its consumer reviews are amazing. All top grocery brands are linked with Spar, such as Aashirvaad, Cadbury, Fortune, Nestle, Brooke Bond and many more. 

Spar also has physical stores in India, and people trust Spar for delivering fresh and top-quality groceries. Spar offers great deals on groceries every day. You can get groceries at lower prices than all other supermarket stores. You can also return the product if you are still deciding about it after it has been delivered. On orders above Rs 1200, free delivery is given by Spar. You can save a good amount if you buy your groceries from Spar. Their great deals and discounts are super beneficial. Couponbunnie is here to give you more offers on groceries from Spar. Use Spar Offers to avail of great discounts and deals. 


Flipkart is a very popular shopping website. You can get anything from Flipkart right at your doorstep. It is known for its super fast delivery and top-quality products. It delivers clothing, books, home furnishings, toys, medicines and many more products. You can also get groceries from Flipkart. It has a unique feature of super coins. You can play games on Flipkart and earn super coins. Super coins help you get products at lower prices. You can trust Flipkart for the delivery of fresh and top-quality groceries. Dairy & Eggs, Oral Care, Noodles & Pasta, Detergents & Laundry, you can get all sorts of groceries from Flipkart. 

Flipkart offers great discounts on groceries. You can save up to 50% on dry fruits and many other grocery products. Buy one get one free offer are also provided by Flipkart. You can also get many grocery products which are less than Rs 199. Flipkart is associated with many popular brands such as Lifebuoy, Boroplus, Kissan, Dettol, Colgate and so on. Flipkart’s top 100 deals offer you great discounts of up to 70% every day. Couponbunnie can help you save more on groceries. Use Flipkart Coupons to avail yourself of great discounts and deals.


ITC Store is an amazing grocery store to get your products from. You can get all types of grocery products from the ITC grocery store. It is linked with many best-selling brands that include Fiama, Dark Fantasy, B Natural, Sunfeast Yippee, ITC Master Chef and so on. It is a reliable grocery store, as its consumer reviews are amazing. You also get free delivery on orders above Rs 750 if you buy your groceries from the ITC grocery store. It not only delivers groceries but also delivers personal care products, stationery items and matches & agarbatti. 

You can get your groceries at much lower prices if you buy them from the ITC grocery store. There are many deals and offers provided by this store through which you can get great discounts on your grocery products. ITC Grocery Store’s winter sale offers up to 50% discounts on grocery products. Couponbunnie also offers many coupons that you can use to get discounts on your groceries. Use them and save a lot of money. ITC coupons can help you get great discounts and deals on your groceries. 

These online stores can help you save money as there are many deals and discounts that are offered by these stores. They deliver fresh and top-quality grocery products to your doorstep. You can check their consumer reviews for your satisfaction. These stores are top-rated in India for their super fast delivery and reliable products. You don’t need to go out of your comfort zone to buy groceries anymore. You can trust these stores with the delivery of your grocery products. 

Couponbunnie offers many coupons from these stores that can help you get great discounts and deals on your groceries. These coupons are super beneficial for you as you will save a lot of money using them. After all, who doesn’t like discounts? Use our coupons and avail of great offers.

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